Orthopaedic footwear modification

 Schmetterlingsrolle mit zusätzlicher Weichbettung       Längsgewölbstütze zur Verbesserung der Trittspur  
Roll with cushioning
It resembles the roll and features an additional cushion underneath the capitulum metatarsale 2-4. The roll with cushioning is used for inflamed capitulum metatarsale (Metatarsalgia).
Longitudinal arch support
It provides for a raise of the longitudinal arch of the foot through an integrated wedge in the insole. The cover of the wedge will be adapted to the respective inner material of the shoe.
Die Rolle mit rückversetztem Auftritt Die Rolle mit rückversetztem Auftritt
A roll relieves the strain on the fore foot or metatarsus and optimises the press-off behaviour of your shoes. Both the heel and the top cover will be adapted to the material and colour of your shoe.
One-sided heel extension
Here, the height of the heel is modified (either on the inside or outside of the shoe) while the rear edge is bevelled. We offer various different types of heel modifications. The material used will adapted to the one of your shoe.
Die Stufenentlastung Haglundfersenentlastung oder Fußrückenentlastung
Riser relief
We incorporate a continuous riser relief (latitudinal arch support) in the insole from the 1st to the 5th capitulum metatarsale. The riser relief is adapted depending on the inner material of the shoe.
Haglund (exotosis) heel relief or instep cushion
This involves a partial removal or cut-out of the heelpiece of the respective shoe. For optimal cushioning we integrate a new heel casing, padded shaft edge or instep cushion made of equivalent material.

Even minor modifications of ready-made shoes or additional orthopaedic modifications help eliminate pain and increase walking and standing comfort. 

However, such modifications do not only take effect on the foot but they may also successfully eliminate pain of the knees, hips and back (e. g. through a heel buffer).