Company history

photo 1932 photo 2004

Orthopädie Schuhtechnik Goll was founded in 1932 by Richard Goll senior. Due to a cooperation with renowned experts of orthopaedy - among them professor Witt, Lange, Hohmann - Orthopädie Schuhtechnik Goll became a successful and well-known master craftsmans business.

In 1973, his son Richard Goll junior took over business and ran the company until 1998. Since 1998 the family business is continued by Hans Goll.
Hans Golls education and training involves classical traditional craftsmanship combined with state-of-the-art computer aided measurement and analysis technology. In 1993 Hans Goll passed his examination for master craftsmans certificate in orthopaedic shoemaking.
For structural and economic reasons the companys name Orthopädieschuhtechnik Goll was changed to Orthogoll GmbH (corporation) in 2003.
Up until today it is our ultimate ambition to use our technical skills and sensitivity to be able to offer optimal and appealing support, services and products. Decades of experience combined with the most state-of-the-art technology will give you the feeling of walking on sunshine.